Autumn in Windy Lancashire

Autumn on the River Croal, Queens Park, Bolton
River Croal running through Queens Park during Autumn

It looks like this weeks gales have removed most of the leaves from all the tree in Lancashire. Last night was definitely one of those evenings where you were glad that you weren’t out sea fishing, or any other kind of fishing for that matter. Waking this morning I was half expecting to see roof slates in the garden but thankfully there doesn’t seem to be much damage apart from a broken fence panel.

Hopefully the worst of the wind is over and it’ll settle down a bit. One of the great things about sea fishing after a storm, especially in Autumn or Winter is that the crashing of the waves will dislodge small animals, crabs, worms, etc. out of the sand and fish, not being as stupid as most people think, know this and come close to the shore to glut themselves while this easily caught bounty is available. Add to this darkness, which gives them even more confidence, it’s easy to see that in these conditions most shore caught fish are easier to catch, or at least reach with a rod and line.

On Sunday we’re going up to Fleetwood where although the wind direction doesn’t look like it’s going to be ideal, the area should be churned up enough to bring in the Cod, or at least that’s the plan.

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  1. John said:

    I love your picture! Every time I’ve pictured autumn, I’ve always imagined a picture very similar to yours. Thanks for sharing!

    September 11, 2014

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