Another Weedy Evening Trying for Cod at Rossall

sea fishing at Rossall, Fleetwood
After the gale force winds of the previous week we joined the guys from BLAS (Blackpool and Layton Angling Society) for a sea fishing session up at Rossall Hospital, just south of Fleetwood where we hoped the seas had churned up the bottom enough to bring the Cod within casting range as they foraged on all the food washed out of the sea bed. It was great to see the guys and after a quick chat we made our way onto the beach, suitably attired in as much warm clothing as we could manage.

Although the forecast wasn’t too bad the wind was bitterly cold sweeping down the beach from the north and by the time our black lugworm baits were in the water we were wondering if this was such a good idea after all. This was confirmed as after 5 minutes our tackle was loaded with weed and was almost impossible to retrieve. After a few more casts Wendy decided to sit it out for a while to see if the weed situation improved while I launched my baits as far a possible, setting the rod high on the tripod and hoping to keep the line out of the weed.

After a couple of hours of this, Wendy rejoining our struggle against the weed we’d had enough and just to drive home the point I lost my terminal gear on the final retrieve as the line parted under the pressure of the amount of crud on the line.

Rossal beach tide line after a storm

It was interesting though to be on the beach after such wild weather, there were literally hundreds of Starfish washed up with all sorts of crab including a few Hermit Crabs (I tried one as bait) and the odd Masked Crab which you hardly ever see on the beach. There were also a lot of Sea Mouse, which look like something out of a cheesy Sci-Fi movie.

It’s a shame that the conditions beat us as the report by Shacky shows the conditions and fishing improved, we probably should have stuck it out longer but after looking forward to the trip all week the weed just killed off our enthusiasm for the session and after a couple of hours we said our goodbyes and made our way home where the only cold thing I encountered was a beer while watching the TV.


  1. Vlad said:

    Second picture is just amazing!

    November 16, 2010

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