First Rainbow Trout from the Fylde

fylde trout fishery rainbow trout
What a truly brilliant weekend! I’ll start at the end just to be different as we’re still buzzing about Wendy catching our first fly caught Rainbow Trout.

We arrived at Fylde Trout Fishery around lunch time and had a chat with a few guys who were just leaving, the news wasn’t good “it’s a bit tough today” were the sorts of comments being made. Looking at the previous days report it seemed like the trout weren’t being quite as crazy as we’d hoped so after a quick sandwich we made our way to the far side of the lake and attached our lures. Wendy a Black and Gold Humungus, myself a Yellow Dancer, both nothing like a fish but designed to pulse and grab their attention and hopefully a ‘take’.

After only a few casts Wendy shouts “I’m in” just as I feel my line tighten as a fish takes my lure at the same time. Unfortunately in my haste to get the net for Wendy I lost my fish after 20 seconds or so but after a bit of a tussle Wendy lands a fish of about a couple of pounds. Unhooking the fish I grab the camera only to have the batteries die on me, damn! A quick jog to the car and I return with my DSLR for the snap and the fish is released.

We stayed for the entire afternoon and although we had a few more ‘pulls’ on various flys nothing else was hooked, in fact the only fish we saw caught that afternoon was the one Wendy landed, to say she was happy would be a slight understatement!

The previous day had already set us up nicely as we’d been to my parents for the annual family bonfire and firework night, where myself and Charles (my youngest brother) made, lit and tended the fire and set off the fireworks while Mum made some fantastic Pumpin soup and Meat and Potato pie washed down with a few beers supplied by Dad. The evening finishing with us sipping single malt whiskey and talking away the night – perfect.

So, if weekends come any better than this last one I’ll be very surprised. It was, as I said at the start, a truly brilliant weekend where we had a great family get together and caught our first Rainbow Trout.


  1. steven radford said:

    Well done on the catch not tried Fylde yet its only down the road from me. I’m new to fly fishing myself I’ve only fished cleveley mere I can recommend it lovely place to fish.
    Tight lines Steven.

    November 13, 2010
  2. Stu said:

    Thanks Steven, not tried Cleveley Mere – didn’t even know of it till I read this 🙂
    Just looked at their website – seems like a great place with the added bonus of a shop to spend all our hard earned cash in 🙂 We’ll def. have to give it a try.

    November 13, 2010

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