A Cold Codless Evening at the Cadet Hut, Fleetwood

sea fishing tactics at cadet hut fleetwood
Last weekend was the Blackpool and Layton Angling Society (BLAS) Christmas Cup match and after relocating from the Rossall Hospital venue due to the Fleetwood and District annual Cod open we met up at a venue known as the Cadet Hut which is on the more Northerly side of Fleetwood.

I’d love to say that our time spent on the beach in sub zero, almost flat calm conditions, paid off and we all landed huge amounts of fresh run Cod, Whiting and Dabs but out of the 8 BLAS members that braved the less than ideal conditions plus all the other sea anglers we met on the beach no-one got a bite let alone a fish.

It was great to be out and chat to the guys but on the Lancashire coast an easterly wind really does kill the sea fishing although not to have anyone catch was unusual.

Another blank… it’s getting to be a bit boring now.

Next match is Perch Rock on the Wirral in a few weeks where we’ll also be holding the Christmas Cup match again so I’m hoping for a few westerlies to liven things up a bit before then.

fleetwood sea fishing venue cadet hut


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