First Dab of 2011 at Anchorshome

Dab from Anchorsholme, BlackpoolAfter the stupidly cold weather we’ve had for the past couple of weeks it was great to get out and do some sea fishing. As the BLAS social cup at Perch Rock was cancelled due to the snow and ice it was moved to Anchorsholme, an area just North of Blackpool and South of Cleveleys.

With the sea being almost flat calm and no movement of consequence in the water the humble Dab was the target species. Armed with 30 or so frozen (past their best) black lug and some Mackerel as bait I met up with the guys for a few of hours before high water then selected a spot in front of what I thought looked like a ‘fishy’ gully, set up a couple of 1 up 1 down clipped rigs with size 1 hooks (just in case anything bigger turned up) and waited for the shout of ‘all in’. We cast our baits into the darkness and then the wait began.

It was a good job the company and banter was good as the fishing in the area I selected was grim, not a bite for 2 hours. It was so bad a couple of the guys left early so I moved along the prom 50 yard or so to continue – hoping to maybe locate a fish or two.

The move payed off and I landed my first fish of 2011, a small Dab of 24cm. It seemed I had found the fish but time ran out on me and the call ‘all out’ came far too soon.

Although it initially looked like the fishing was going to be rubbish over half of those present handed in catch sheets which considering the less than ideal conditions was a great result all round.

First sea fishing outing of 2011, a fish and a good chat with some mates – what a great start to the year.


  1. Ian Allen said:

    It looks like a dab stu. but smaller.

    January 6, 2011
  2. Stu said:

    You’re a very funny man Ian 🙂

    January 6, 2011

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