Fly Casting Refresher Plus a Bit of Fishing

dusk fly fishing at mere beck

Our pre-Christmas fly fishing / casting tuition was cancelled due to the weather so Mike Roden re-scheduled it for last weekend. Four brave souls met up in some fairly nasty weather with Mike at Curley’s Fly Fishery nr. Bolton and after a quick natter moved over the road to the park as the lakes were still frozen.

As we suspected we’d picked up a few bad habits since our last lessons with Mike but after a couple of hours we’d managed to iron most of them out and arranged to meet up in a month to continue our lessons after we’ve had time to practice all (or at least what we can remember) Mike taught us. We were going to call back in at Curley’s for lunch but it was packed so on our way home we called in at the Blue Anchor in Bretherton for a bite to eat and a pint.

The following day (Sunday) as Mere Beck, our local fly fishing water consists of small lakes interconnected with moving water we went for an afternoon session to see if we could put into practice a few of the techniques for accuracy we’d picked up the day before and maybe trick a trout or two out into the open water from under the ice.

Alas, no fish wanted to come and play but we had a lovely afternoon, eventually calling it a day as the sun set and the temperature started to plummet.

So, unlike my first sea fishing trip of the year, my first fly fishing trip resulted in a blank but I didn’t mind, fly fishing is just as relaxing as sea fishing and sometimes catching something, although it would have been nice, would just intrude upon the peace.


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