February Update

Not been a lot happening in the sea fishing department recently, in fact I’ve not been any type of fishing for what seems like months although I know it hasn’t actually been that long. As I posted about a couple of weeks ago we’ve been decorating and there are only so many updates that can include that as a subject without bringing on a bout of yawns from anyone reading. The good news is it’s nearly all done and the days are becoming longer and warmer as we move gradually into Spring.

river douglas spring tide

I did manage to get out for a look at our local River Douglas boatyard during the huge Spring tides a week ago. Seeing the pontoon against the banks of the river and the yacht in the above picture I must go and have another look because I’m sure it’s risen above the banks of the river and is sitting on the edge of the flood plain. It must have been a pain to get it back into the centre of the river. The barge on the right of the photo is almost always high and dry, I’m amazed the thing still floats.

So that’s it, no much of an update – more an “I’m still here” type of post. Hopefully we’ll be getting out doing something we want to do such as fly fishing, sea fishing, walking or generally anything but decorating or those things things that you have to do but never want to.


  1. Thanks Stu for all your help, I willbe down at the Dougie shortly

    September 10, 2011

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