Signs of Spring in Queens Park Bolton

Hazel catkins at Queens Park, BoltonIt seems to be that time of year when everything mother nature has to offer is gearing up for that final push into spring. Walking through the local parks and even just to the shops you can almost feel the plants starting to reach up to the sun and the amount of bird activity has dramatically increased these past two weeks with birds of sizes great and small flying around looking for suitable nest sites.

The trees in Queens Park are showing catkins and all the wild bulbs of Garlic, Bluebells and Daffodils are now well on there way although not quite far enough to show any flowers.

Although the weather hasn’t been great and it looks like another cold period is on the way this week our Snowdrops are out and the Crocuses are almost showing colour. In fact things in the garden are definitely ‘on the move’ and we need to get out and do some after-winter pruning and tidying up before it gets to far ahead of us.

But there is a big fly in the ointment to our plans, whether it’s gardening, walking, fly fishing or sea fishing. This is the time (admittedly when the sea fishing is a bit naff) that we have our yearly ‘must decorate the <fill in a room> room’. Yep, we’re decorating. This time though it’s a bit of a big one.

We want a new carpet to cover the wooden floor in the lounge and dining room as it was a bit chilly last winter, which means we needed to work out what to do with the old hearth / fireplace. The hearth / fireplace is gaining a Stockton 5 wood burner so we’ve painted the dining room to give us somewhere to put stuff while that gets done then we’ll paint the lounge once the guys at Firebarn have installed it.

After last weekends painting marathon it was a relief to come into work on Monday – for a bit of a rest…

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