First Sea Fishing Match of 2011 at Fairhaven, Lytham

After an absolutely beautiful Saturday spend doing all sorts of DIY round the house Sunday morning dawned damp and cold and as I made my way to Fairhaven, Lytham St. Annes for the first sea fishing match of the year the weather got progressively worse. Oh well, a bit of rain wasn’t going to stop me and I was was first there I parked up, donned some waterproofs and watched the birds on the lake for a while.

I was quickly joined by the guys from Blackpool and Layton Angling Society (BLAS) and as the water hit the bottom of the promenade wall eight damp but eager anglers casts their baits into the River Ribble estuary. The bait of choice for this time of year for our target species, Flounder, is Peeler Crab but I couldn’t get hold of any so I was using various combinations of wild Ragworm, Black Lug, Squid and Mackerel on a standard 1 up 1 down rig armed with size 1 fine wire aberdeen hooks.

It wasn’t long until the tell tale thump of the rod tip announced the presence of a fish and I was the first to catch with a plump little Flounder of 31cm.

Throughout the morning everyone managed to catch a few fish although I only had the one. Thankfully after a couple of hours the rain stopped and the weather warmed up a little giving us chance to dry out a bit. Crab was definitely the bait of the day with Shacky catching five or six Flounder for a total match winning length of 177 cm.

It wasn’t fantastic fishing for me but it was fantastic to be out and great that everyone managed to catch and get a few points in the first match of the 2011 / 2012 sea fishing season.

It was also impressive to see the huge barge come out of the river that had been docked up at Preston, it had been delivering a new transformer for United Utilities each of two parts weighing a massive 270 tonnes. I remember wondering why the roads were blocked last week and looking up the story on the internet and seeing the pictures of this beast of a thing being transported it now makes sense. The barge itself was massive – I’ll bet they were glad the sea state was calm.

New weekends match is up at Fleetwood with Flounder being the main target again, I think I’ll put a bit more effort into getting some crab…

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