River Ribble Fly Casting Demo

Casting Day event by Ted Carter Fishing Tackle on the River Ribble

As we’ve obviously got the fly fishing bug we went to Ted Carter Fishing Tackle in Preston last weekend to have a look, and ultimately purchase, a couple of fly fishing vests. These have more pockets than you could ever need and are made so that when you’re roaming around looking for a spot to place a fly you don’t have to carry a bag. There are pockets for fly boxes, line, spare reels, even drinks. We’ve not used them yet but we have made sure we can get all of our stuff into them – they look like they’ll do the job and be especially useful when we’re wading along the shore line hunting for Bass.

Wendy got a Greys GRXi Wading Vest and I got a Snowbee Geo Fly Fishing Vest, not for any specific reason except they’re both good and we each need a slightly different fit. We also picked up a few more flies while we were there and learnt there was a casting demo on Sunday showing how to cast big flies on rivers for Salmon.

Jim Fearn fly casting instructor AAPGAIThis demo was arranged by the guys at Ted Carters with the ‘star’ of the demo being Jim Fearn, an AAPGAI qualified casting instructor (what is it with all these different casting organisations?). Jim was excellent and showed a range of casting techniques starting with the basic Roll Cast, moving through the Spey Cast then onto some other casts that use specific types of line. To be honest Salmon fishing is a bit beyond us at the moment and a 15 foot 11 weight fly rod casting a fly made out of copper tube is a little bit daunting but it was great to see an expert show how it should be done and Jim was an excellent teacher and had a few encouraging words for everyone there.

The turnout was great even though the wind was bitter and blowing straight up the river and it was good to see so many people taking part and having a go.

It’s the first sea fishing match of the season with the guys from BLAS (Blackpool and Layton Angling Society) this Sunday at Fairhaven, Lancashire and even though it’s a fairly simple easy affair along a prom. wall I’m looking forward to meeting up with a few friends and getting going with the sea fishing once again. Target species should be Flounder so it’ll be a case of if they’re there we’ll catch them on almost anything, if they’re not we’ll make up some good excuses – same as always…


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