Two Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing at Mere Beck

mere beck fly fishery

With the fantastic weather last weekend after all the usual garden centre faffing about we visited our local fly fishery, Mere Beck, to see if we could finally break our duck. It’s amazing how much better you feel when the weather is nice and it was T-shirt time as we donned our new vests, laden with flies and line and meandered our way to the back of the fishery – the plan being to gradually move back towards the lodge as the day wore on.

We knew the fishing would be hard with the sun beating down and after about an hour and a half of buzzer fishing we switched to weighted nymphs and it wasn’t long until Wendy had our first Mere Beck Rainbow Trout on a yellow nymph with red ribbing, a fish of about a pound.

rainbow trout for me flyfishing at mere beckAs the day wore on we ended up at a smaller pond next to a cabin with the Tea making gear in it and after having something to eat, a brew and a chat with Gordon, the fishery owner, I fished a black and green weighted Montana lure as close to the reeds as I dared and finally a fish took. I almost lost it as it swam towards me but after a lively fight I landed my first ever Rainbow Trout, a fish of about a pound and a half.

You can’t really tell from the photo as apparently I don’t smile to camera according to Wendy but it was ace and I was chuffed to bits.

As the sun started to drop we made our way round the lakes looking for rising fish and armed with small black floating flies  called ‘Daddies’ (yes – they look like little Crane Flies or Daddy Long Legs) we spent a good hour cursing as we failed to connect with any trout taking flies off the surface – although we did each catch a Roach but I’m told they don’t count.

If there is anything as infuriating as watching a fish take your fly of the surface then fail to hook it I don’t know what it is – it is unbelievably exciting though…

The sun finally set on a lovely day where we both caught our first Rainbow Trout at Mere Beck and we made our way home tired and a bit sunburned but pleased with our progress as we learn more each time we go fly fishing.

Another fantastic days angling, can’t wait for the next…


  1. barry brittles said:

    HI steven i live in formby and i am looking for someone too go fly fishing with would you mind one day letting me tag along one day with you i some times go fishing at barnsfold waters at goosnagh
    barry brittles

    February 13, 2014
  2. Barry brittles said:

    Not been fishing for awhile probably lost the knack now it will be like starting again still got all the tackle used to be quite good at one time barry brittles

    April 26, 2019
    • Stu said:

      You and me both Barry, it’s been a while since I wet a line

      April 26, 2019

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