Formby Point Bass Hunt

sea angling sunset at formby

With the gear only just cleaned from our Anglesey visit the weather looked spot on for a touch of sea fishing at Formby Point, Merseyside. The strong Westerly made for some impressive looking surf as I arrived on the beach to meet up with Kev and Chris, Kev had already had one small Bass and Chris a Flounder of 1lb 9oz so things were certainly looking hopeful.

formby sea fishing flounder

Unfortunately for me that’s all they did, look… Even with the freshly pumped Black Lugworm that Kev supplied I couldn’t manage a single fish not matter if I cast far out or close in and the only other fish landed during the session were a couple more Flounder.

It may actually have been too windy although that does seem a bit unlikely for Bass, a fish that’s hunts in the surf, but we think the main problem was the speed the tide raced in with the wind behind it. It didn’t really give us much chance to fish the gully’s that run along the beach as we were constantly on the move as the tide flooded.

A smaller tide would give you more time to fish the (hopefully) more productive areas on a beach that is otherwise a featureless expanse of sand.

Warning: The tide races in here and all along the North West coast, take waders and be careful of the gullies filling up behind you – it is not a beach I’d confidently fish on my own unless I was going for a high water down session.


  1. Gary Ford said:

    Hi Stu
    Its 29th march 2012
    have you been back to Formby Beach
    i am new to sea fishing and want to learn
    please let me know if you go there again
    Gary – i liked your write up1

    March 29, 2012
  2. Stu said:

    Thanks for reading Gary – I think i’ll be starting Formby again after May bank holiday, not been since last year.

    March 30, 2012

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