Testing the Airflo Forty Plus Line at Mere Beck

airflo forty plus WF6 fly fishing line

As the nice people at Fishtec sent us some of the new 2011 Airflo Forty Plus line to test we took a trip down to our local fly fishery, Mere Beck, last Sunday to see if we could tempt any trout to come and play.

The weather was bizarre to say the least, red hot one minute, hammering it down the next, then hot enough to dry everything off again 10 minutes later.

rainbow trout caught on black buzzer at mere beckAfter reading the reports from the previous few days we both fished a buzzer, washing line style, with a yellow blob on the point. It was fairly hard going with only one fish, a Rainbow Trout of about a pound, falling to a black epoxy buzzer for me and hardly anything showing on surface as the evening fell so I spent a good deal of time playing with the new line.

We’re not expert casters by any stretch of the imagination but my initial impressions of the weight forward, floating Airflo Forty Plus line are very good.

It shoots extremely well, with minimum resistance through the eyes on the rod and seems to load the rod a little earlier than the Greys Platinum line we normally use.

Turnover of the cast was good and watching Wendy it seemed to produce a good tight loop in the air aiding accuracy.

The 35 foot head of the fly  line is cream which blends into an orange low diameter running line which is ridged to aid distance and reduce friction. A low stretch ‘Power Core’ helps set the hook at the range this line is capable of being cast.

As Mere Beck is fairly small we weren’t able to see just how far it will cast but we’re going to Anglesey soon and there’s a very big lake, Llyn Alaw, full of trout so we’ll see what sort of distances we can achieve.

We were also sent some of the Airflo Forty Plus Cold Salt Water Floating / Intermediate line in WF8 which we intend to use during our Anglesey visit to catch, or at least try to catch, Bass. If it’s anything like as good as the line we tested we should be able to get a fly out to where the fish are feeding – we just have to hope they’re feeding on something that looks like what we’re offering them…

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