First Dry Fly Fishing Rainbow Trout at Mere Beck

rear lake at mere beck fly fishery

Last weekend the wind and rain finally died enough for us to get out fishing, we’d no bait for any of the summer sea fishing species so we went up to Mere Beck for a few hours on Monday evening for a touch of fly fishing.

With the sun still fairly high when we arrived at 6pm we started at the rear lake with nymphs, fished deeply on a slow retrieve. I had one take which I missed but after an hour and a half of fishing this method, using a few different flys and changing the retrieval depth and speed we elected to have a brew in the fishing hut, eat a quick snack and have a rethink.

rainbow trout caught on dry fly at mere beckBy this time the sun was lower in the sky and we could see fish rising on the small lake near the hut so we changed over to dry flys to see if we could finally manage to nail a fish off the surface.

Time after time I had fish rise to my ’emerger’ pattern fly but they just wouldn’t take it until a shout from the other end of the lake grabbed my attention as Wendy landed our first ever dry fly caught fish. This Rainbow Trout took a pattern called a Hares Ear ‘F’ Fly – which is basically an imitation of a small fly sitting on the surface film of the water.

Quickly I changed over to something similar but still I couldn’t connect with a fish so I changed location to the pontoon sticking out into the larger central lake where I could see fish rising.

I’m sure dry fly fishing is specifically designed to test an anglers patience as time after time the fish would rise to my fly only for me to lift into it too quickly, too slowly or be looking away in that fraction of a second it takes to miss the take. But damn… it’s exciting.

The wind started to produce a slight ripple and then finally everything came right as I landed my first dry fly caught Rainbow Trout, again on an ‘F’ Fly. It wasn’t huge but it fought well and after a quick photo it was released to fight another day.

mere beck rainbow trout

We’re getting into our fly fishing now and it’s a great alternative to the style of sea fishing we do which depends a lot on the tide and availability of bait – now we have the gear it’s just a case of look out of the window to see what the weathers doing and go.

Just over 4 weeks until we hit Anglesey again where hopefully all this fly fishing on lakes will have helped our technique enough to have another go at salt water fly fishing – target species are Bass and Mullet, the trick to these will be finding them let alone catching them.

It’ll be fun though…

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