Small Boat Night Fishing from Brixham

The last time we went boat fishing was in October 2008 off the West coast of Ireland where it was apparently flat calm – flat calm in the Atlantic involved a 4m swell and we were both sick and didn’t catch much except a lovely Cuckoo Wrasse for Wendy, so now we don’t do much boat fishing and are firm believers of keeping something solid under our feet. Wendy even gets sea sick even standing on a pier…

I do have a few mates who have small (and not so small) boats who fish all along the coast of Lancashire, Merseyside, down into North Wales and around Anglesey and the one thing they need to be able to rely on is a good engine.

Honda invented the world’s first 4-stroke outboard engine in 1964 and have recently launched a new campaign featuring documentaries covering how people use their new Honda C4 outboard. The latest follows Ben on a night fishing trip where he uses luminous lures to catch many different species.

More information on the Honda documentaries can be found here, where as well as seeing how other people use Honda products you can take part and maybe be featured in the latest documentary.

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