Fly Fishing Blank at Mere Beck

With not getting out recently I was looking forward to a spot of fly fishing at our local fishery, Mere Beck and woke to a slightly overcast morning with a hint of drizzle in the air, not great weather for most but fantastic for trying to temp a trout or two.

I arrived around the same time as Gordon, the owner, and after the obligatory chat got down to the fishing.

First fly to try was a cats whisker, a white lure type fly with a white tail, green / yellow body and white ‘wing’. This fly pulses in the water and for reasons I’m not entirely sure of, is a great fly here in the UK. About 1/2 hour in I felt a pull and it was fish on. This felt like a good fish but after about 30 seconds the damn thing came off. Retrieving my line I found that my knot had come undone! This is the first time ever that, that has happened, not sure why but it’s probably due to lack of practice with the fine line after doing so much sea fising earlier in the year – I was a little mad at myself to say the least.

After about another hour the sun came out and realistically put paid to what little action there was although I did have a few enquiries on an orange lure in one of the ponds towards the rear of the complex. These have a few small goldfish in them as well as trout according to Simon (who caught at least 4 rainbow trout today), a very helpful chap I met, so it was no surprise the bigger fish will take orange lures.

And that was that, not fish today but it was great to be out fly fishing once more and hopefully, once the weather gets a bit cooler, the fish will come out to play properly.

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