First Flyfishing Rainbow Trout of 2012

Fylde Trout Fishery

It was a very cold and frosty morning as we set off to Fylde Trout Fishery last Sunday. With more layers on than a polar explorer and flasks of hot coffee and soup we arrived about an hour after dawn to thankfully find the lake had not frozen solid although as soon as we got out of the car our fingers did good impersonations of icicles.

After reading the reports from the previous few days we both elected to start at the far end of the lake with Cats Whisker lures. At first this seemed like a great plan as we both lost fish early on but after an hour even those few takes dried up so we changed over to a black varient of the same lure – a Black Cat (imaginative eh?) – this did… nothing. No matter the retrieval method, depth or speed we couldn’t get any takes on these lures which was a shame as they were our first ‘home tied’ flies and it had looked promising early on.

By now my hands were bitterly cold although with my new boots my feet were toasty and after yet another cup of coffee just to give my hands something warm to grasp I changed over to what is rapidly becoming my ‘go too’ fly. A Yellow Dancer from Fulling Mill, after half an hour of this – varying everything I could, changing location it was becoming increasingly evident that the fish just weren’t playing and after watching a few other anglers also ‘not catching anything’ it was looking grim.

Rainbow Trout caught on a yellow dancer at Fylde Trout Fishery

Last cast came at around 11:45 and I was actually looking forward to stopping now. I was cold and fishless and day dreaming of log fires and then thump, fish on! A very slow retrieve had tempted a Rainbow Trout which after probably far too much praying by me came to the net. A quick photo or two and it was released into the cold depths of the lake, job done.

Rainbow Trout - Fylde Trout FisheryFirst outing of the year and a fish – it doesn’t get much better than that although I don’t think we’ll be going fly fishing when the temperature reads -2°C, at least not for a while.

So the task now is to figure out how to tie the Yellow Dancer lure as it seems to be my lucky fly. There are a lot of variations on the internet but they all seem very similar so I’m probably going to pull the now mangled one I caught with to bits, and see what it’s made off.

And before anyone comments on the silly grin, the picture is there to prove I caught it although all it proves is I know how to hold a fish…


  1. Nice read Stuart. Might have to get my fly gear out in the next couple of months. Cant bear this time of year for sea fishing…. such a drag waiting for the first of the plaice to turn up!!!

    February 15, 2012
  2. Stu said:

    Hi Paul

    Yeah – not been out sea fishing this winter at all for one reason or another. Weather, house stuff, illness etc – you name it…

    Managed to get out couple of weeks back hence this post but have just given up smoking so we’re trying to avoid ‘trigger’ situations for a while of which fishing is def. one. It’s going OK though so hopefully we’ll be out and about somewhere this weekend.


    February 16, 2012

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