Spring? More Like a Pounce

Well we certainly have a few ups and downs in the UK regarding weather and after a freezing first half of February this week the temperature hit 15°C in Bolton during my lunch hour, more like an early summers day rather than the end of winter.

primrose at Queens Park, Bolton

The flower in Queens Park have started to show, this Primrose being one of the first, and I’m expecting to see the wild Garlic flowers any time now.

Queens Park 16 Spot Orange Ladybird

With all this warm weather it’s no surprise that the wildlife in the park is getting a little ‘frisky’. The Mallards and Moorhens are pairing up and laying claim to their little bit of water. I’ve seen a pair of Kingfishers patrolling up and down the River Croal and the Peregrines are once more making a welcome nuisance of themselves over the town hall keeping the resident Pigeon population under control.

A new one for me this week was an 16 Spot Orange Ladybird, it was just walking up a sun drenched tree – apparently a ‘warm’ weather species which just goes to show how mild it has been this week.

No fly fishing this weekend as my favourite fly rod has gone in for a repair although I may try and get out and about somewhere, although doing what I’m not too sure yet…

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