Tubertini Boomerang Review while Sea Fishing at Rossall, Fleetwood

Tebertini Boomerang Rossall Dab

I’ve made a fairly drastic decision in my sea fishing recently and that is to go down the ‘continental’ style of beach / shore fishing where the rods are longer and softer and used with a fixed spool real. The reasoning behind this is that although I love my 2 Century Tip Tornado’s coupled with the 6500 Mag Elite multipliers unless I’m going out fairly consistently my casting with these rods (pendulum style) goes to pot.

With a fixed spool set up casting is generally easier, and new rod technology means the newer continental style rods are a lot better and are now suitable for fishing UK beaches.

After visiting Gerry’s of Morecambe last weekend and talking to Chris who was very helpful, and handling a few different rods I came home with a Tubertini Boomerang, a lovely looking rod of 14’5″ long (4.4m) and last night was the first time I tried it fishing.

Having loaded my old Penn Surmaster 70 fixed spool reel with some Berkeley Whiplash Crystal braid on 30lb (but only 0.1mm!! thick) and a suitable shock leader I was ready to go and launched a bait a long way, in fact it went a very long way with no effort at all. Now sea fishing at this time of year is a bit rubbish as we wait for the summer species to arrive but all I needed was one fish to see if the setup, with braid as recommended, was as good as it was said to be. Then a small knock, another – leave it to develop as braid is far more sensitive than mono, another knock and hey presto – a small Dab.

For such a small fish to give such great bite indication from what must have been close to 100 meters range was amazing so overall, the night was a success. The rod was great and bite detection with the entire setup amazing. One small gripe is the reel seat is too high up but I’ll get that moved when I get another one.

So I’ll definitely be getting another Tubertini Boomerang with a couple of the newer wider spool fixed spool reels, possibly the new Penn Affinity 8000’s but they’ll have to wait a while.

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  1. I have never fished in the sea only freshwater rivers and ponds. This I have done my whole life. I have always wondered about casting from the shore into the ocean and wondered at the multitude of species that you could catch. It must be amazing! Thanks for sharing your post!

    March 25, 2012

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