Amazing Film – Tapâm – a flyfishing journey

With the weather producing freezing rain and wind in truly biblical scales we haven’t done any sort of sea fishing or fly fishing these past few weeks and even venturing outside to do a little bit of gardening has had to timed between downpours so like any other angler what do I do when I can’t go fishing? Look up places I want to go fishing when the weather improves of course, and it was during such a search that I came across this short clip of a full-length film called “Tapâm – a flyfishing journey“.

To say there is some remarkable fishing involved is to seriously underestimate just how good this is and the photography/camera work is amazing. This takes sea fishing, fly fishing and saltwater fly fishing to a whole new level.

One day I hope to be able to do this sort of thing… one day… but in the meantime watch the trailer, it’s worth it.

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