Flounder at Fairhaven on Easter Sunday

After such glorious weather it was almost inevitable that the weather for the Easter bank holidays would be grim as we turned up for the Blackpool and Layton Angling Society (BLAS) Match at Fairhaven, Lytham. This was to be leg one of the Estuary Cup and the target species sea fishing at this venue is Flounder. The tide races in and out here and if you are fishing off the wall as we were you’ll generally only get about 3 hours of worthwhile fishing unless you want to follow the tide in, up to the wall and back out again.

Six people braved the bitterly cold North West wind and at 11:15am 6 rigs armed with various baits were launched seaward in the hope that the Flounder would show. Baits for the day were frozen Crab, Razor, Mackerel and Blow Lug as we couldn’t get fresh Peeler Crab but it wasn’t long until the first fish came to Sparky who was also using Prawns.

Then it was my turn with the first of 3, double headers. it was one of those days where everything went right and it didn’t seem to matter what bait combination I used, the Flounder would greedily scoff down anything I threw at them.

The only reel quiet period came at high water but once the tide started moving again on the ebb the fishing picked up resulting in everyone catching a few flatties.

Time was called 3 hours after we started with me being top rod of the day, my first ‘win’ for a long time, with a total length of 238cm. Wendy managed 2 fish even though we were fishing next to each other and using identical baits – it was just ‘my day’ for some reason and it felt great.

You can read the full report and results on the BLAS website, posted by Shacky, here.

The great thing about this match was it was the first ‘proper’ fishing session I’ve had with my new rod since I’ve had the reel seat moved by Gerry’s of Morecambe. Do I like it? Yes – it’s fantastic.

I wasn’t 100% sure about the ‘continental’ style of a longer / softer rod with a fixed spool reel but this setup casts a bait a very long way without the stress of a multiplier potentially exploding line everywhere and has amazing bite registration.

My new gear is the Tubertini Boomerang with the Shimano Ultegra XSB 10000 loaded with Berkeley Whiplash Pro braided line in 30lb breaking strain. Gerrys have done a fantastic job of moving the reel seats (I’ve got 2 rod and reel combo’s) to a more comfortable position which helps casting and I’m looking forward to a lot more stress free sea fishing.

I don’t know when our next sea fishing session is but if we can keep this form up it promises to be a great angling year.


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