May Bank Holiday, Sea Fishing on Anglesey

Cemlyn Bay Bull Huss
Bull Huss for Wendy from Cemlyn Bay, Anglesey

We’ve just spent the last week on Anglesey sea fishing and generally relaxing where, much to Wendy’s amusement, I was out-fished in both species and size.

The week started well and after after chatting about possible locations for fly fishing and picking up bait from Menai Angling we spent the first day doing nothing. On the Sunday we made our way to a mark where Bass have been caught on lures and spend a couple of hours salt water fly fishing. After a while it became evident that we need more practice with the heavier rods and the fish not showing any interest we called it off.

Sandy Bay DogfishThat evening though, armed with some great Peeler crab we made our way to Cemlyn Bay to try for Bass. It was flat calm, and I mean mirror flat. Not a Bass like surf any where to be seen but the Dogfish kept us entertained until Wendy, after a bit of a struggle landed our first shore caught Bull Huss of about 9lb (the scales died on us).

We had a go at another couple of places. At Sandy beach in some truly horrid weather we spend a couple of hours down to low water and an hour back up in the vain hope that an early Smooth Hound may make an appearance, needless to say  I caught a Dogfish.

Then the weather turned for the worse until the end of the week when we tried fishing with lures at the South West end of the Menai Straights until sun set when we used the last of our crab to catch, you guessed it, Dogfish.

So species wise I managed Dogfish while Wendy got Bull Huss, Dogfish, and Eel and a ‘doesn’t count’ Spider Crab and size wise I was truly beaten by the Bull Huss.

Am I bothered? Not really, it was just great to get out and about and although we didn’t catch much we had a great time and learnt a few things about lure fishing, both conventional and fly, which we’re going to work on for the next couple of months because in less than 8 weeks we’re going back and we can’t wait.

Salt Water Fly Fishing, Moel-Y-Don
Salt Water Fly Fishing, Anglesey


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