Olympic Torch Relay – Preston

You’d have to have been buried head down to not know the Olympics is coming to the UK this year so after ‘do we, don’t we, do we, don’t we’ for a few weeks we ventured out to give the relay our support as it passed through Preston on Saturday morning.

Considering the weather we’d had the previous 24 hours and with more to come (parts of Lancashire were flooded – home evacuated – it was that bad) the turn out at 8am on a grey Saturday morning was great.

‘High Five’ from the police escort – brilliant

My main ‘take home’ memory though will not be the runner even though he did look to be the happiest man on earth, and face it, who wouldn’t be. No, my memory will be the support crews and especially the police escort preceding the torch, stopping to chat to people and ‘high fiving’ the crowd as they drove past, happy policemen on bikes, brilliant.

There was such a great feeling along the route and it was one of those moments where, even though you were only a spectator, you felt part of something very special.

I didn’t think I would get into the olympics as I’m not a sports fan by any stretch but watching the torch relay has changed my mind as I’m sure was the intention when it was devised all that time ago so here’s wishing team GB good luck and a big ‘well done’ to the organisers for a job well done so far.

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