Running away from the moobs

For some reason known only to a higher power than myself I’ve decided that its about time I did something about my flabby middle section and after being to the gym a few times with Wendy, my wife, we’ve started the road running programme recommended by the NHS, C25K – couch to 5k.

Catchy name huh?

Tonight is our first run of week three and its looking a little more serious now as the runs are a bit longer and the walks a bit shorter but hey, looks like it may be time to say goodbye to my moobs.

Our joint aim is to be able to run, without break 5k by the end of the year which may not seem very far but it’s a lot further than to the kitchen and back.

I am surprised it has taken me till I’m in my mid forties to start doing any exercise though… Maybe I’m finally maturing

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