Sea Fishing in the Fog at Fleetwood

Last weekend the conditions looked perfect for a late try at Smooth hounds, sea fishing from Rossall beach, Fleetwood at low water. We arrived around 9pm and made our way to the water in the dark with hardly a wave to make a noise in the darkness. Setting up the gear we noticed a slight sea mist but knowing the area well, and checking that we weren’t going to need to wade any filling gullys on our way back we were unconcerned as we launched our crab, sandeel or squid laden rigs seawards.

To say the mist rolled in would then severely understate the case. Half an hour or so after our arrival it was almost impossible to see to the waters edge and after casting out the only way back to our tripods was to leave a light on and use that as a ‘landmark’. It was very strange, and a little unsettling, if i’d have been on my own I would have left there and then, the risk of an accident in the foggy darkness and potentially getting turned around would have been too great but both Wendy and myself know the area well and took note of the direction of travel and where the sea was at any particular time.

It would be great to say our efforts resulted in a huge catch of Smooth hounds, Cod (which are just starting to show in the North West) or Bass but all we managed were a couple of small Whiting, caught by Wendy on the Sand Eel. Not much to show for a nights sea fishing but it was great to get out on the beach, even if we couldn’t see any of it…

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