STM Scout 2 iPad shoulder bag

So, you’ve just bought a shiny new tech gadget, case, pen, adapters for your camera, the whole shooting match and now comes the dilemma. To rucksack or shoulder bag… That is the question.

After a lot of Internet browsing I decided on the STM Scout 2 which, just to be different, I purchased in an olive green colour, I know! Shock horror, it’s not black. It arrived, from Amazon promptly and first impressions were good, with a goodly ‘depth’ of padding for the iPad and enough pouches and pockets to satisfy most tech type needs. Italso looks good although I have got a bit of stick for having a ‘man bag’, but then I’d rather get a bit of stick than have a smashed iPad.

It is snug though and if your looking for a bag to carry more than just your tech and a few bits and pieces I doubt this is the bag for you.

The only problem came when the plastic buckle broke, not sure why, if it was me or a manufacturing default but after emailing STM in Australia they put me in contact with the UK agent who sent me another, with instructions, completely free. My faith in customer service renewed I can thoroughly recommend this bag, neither me or the British weather has been kind to it and its kept my iPad safe and dry.


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