Thunder, Lightning and Hail. Cymyran Cut Short

Huge hailstorm on cymyran bay beach
After what seemed and eternity and three weeks later than usual we arrived on Anglesey for our last visit of 2012. The obligatory visit to the local supermarket in Holyhead done and supplies for a few days purchased we chose Cymyran Bay beach, behind RAF Valley as our first session and arrived about 2 hours before high water to find near perfect conditions for our target Species, Small-eyed Ray.

I fished two rods, one with Sandeel and the other Squid while Wendy elected to fish just the one, again with Sandeel as bait. We’d arrived a little early as experience of this venue would suggest that bites would only start well into the ebb but with the weather being good we though it better to arrive and pick our spot than arrive in total darkness and end up somewhere we didn’t know quiet so well. So we waited and apart from the odd twitch as the crabs discovered the baits high tide came and went, the only thing of note, lightning flashes in the far distance, nothing to be concerned about we thought, how wrong we were…

Dogfish from cymyran bay, AngleseySuddenly the wind picked up, a freezing chill from the North and the lightning (and now thunder) started to get closer. We judged the weather was about to make a change for the worse and I made my last cast just after high water, 2 full hours before the prime time but 14 plus foot of carbon fibre and lightning are not a very good mix.

One of my rods gave a bite and reeling in was the first fish of this break, a solitary Dogfish but still, a fish is a fish. And then it began…

As Wendy took the photo the wind picked up another notch and it started to hail, huge hailstones a centimetre plus across starting falling and as the temperature dropped further we raced to pack up our gear and get off the beach All semblance of organisation was thrown out as we crammed our gear into bags and boxes, rods collapsed and stuffed into ice covered bags to try and keep a low profile in case of more lightning. The hail was so painful it felt like Mother Nature was actually attacking us and by the time we got back to the car our waterproofs had been thoroughly tested, almost beyond their capability.

Hail on car windscreen at cymyran

We spend the rest of the evening emptying water out of boxes and hanging everything up to dry, our first session of this Anglesey visit cut short by the weather, a first for me as we can normally weather anything nature can throw at us in the gear we have.

This time was a little more extreme, it felt like some higher power wanted everyone off the beach that evening and we and the other anglers fishing Cymyran that evening were only too happy to oblige.


  1. Richard B said:

    Hi Stu
    I was fishing further along the beach with Richie F and Degsie – if I’d known you and Wendy were fishing the bay I would have come along and said hello (particularly as it was a conversation with you and Wendy some years ago that fired my enthusiasm for the place)

    The hailstones were some of the biggest I’d ever seen and the biggest shame was that prior to the storm conditions were perfect and there were rays out there!

    Maybe I’ll see you both there another time.

    Best wishes


    October 20, 2012
  2. Stu said:

    Cheers for the comments Richard, it was a shame as the conditions looked perfect.

    October 20, 2012

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