I’m a Man in Tights, Ronhill Vizion Winter Tights to be Exact…

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined when starting a blog about sea fishing and walking that I’d be reviewing a pair of tights that I, a manly man (I hope) have been recently wearing. Never that is, until I took up running and the UK winter arrived.

We’ve been running for almost 3 months now and until last week I’d been quite happy running in a pair of shorts with in-built support/underwear but that was until the temperature dropped below zero. Something had to be done before it got any colder and by sheer coincidence I’d been contacted by a representative of upandrunning.co.uk to see if I’d like to review some of their stock. It would have been rude not too so after a few emails back and forth a brand new pair of Ronhill Vizion Winter Tights turned up just in time for my weekly run with SRC Chorley.

This was the first time in my life I’ve worn tights and and it took me a while to get the hang of pulling them up from the knees then manoeuvring them up but I got it sorted and arrived at Chorley where a frost was starting to form on the ground already – it was going to be a cold one, a good test indeed.

We set off as a group on a new route down and past the hospital from Sweatshop Chorley and back, a run of about 45 minutes or so as the faster runners looped back to keep the back markers involved, a brilliant system.

As for the tights? They were remarkable, I’d never have thought that wearing tights could make much of a difference to my running but they did. Not only did they keep my legs and hence the rest of me warm with the material being brushed and ‘furry’ on the inside they are a technical piece of clothing made of ‘powerlite’ fabric which has good stretch & recovery with a next to skin fit giving slight compression and helping your muscles perform better without bouncing.

A few features of the tights

They also didn’t look too bad, being black with a couple of high-viz yellow patches on the outside of the leg and reflective tape on the ankle zips and down the outside of the thigh. I don’t think I’d wear them on a night out ‘down the pub’ but as almost everyone else who runs seems to have some sort of tight during the winter months I’m more than happy to wear them for their intended purpose. Quality of manufacture is good with all the seams laying flat so as not to dig in but there were a few random threads that needed a bit of scissor treatment but nothing serious and only a couple of minutes ‘work’ to fix. The security pocket is just big enough to hold a smartphone, keys and a bit of cash, great for a quick session but to fuel a longer run you would need a belt pouch or a pocket on your top somewhere.

These are my first pair of running tights and after wearing them again tonight for a short run I’m considering getting some lighter weight ones for the spring as they have made that much difference. My legs are less tired, have more energy in them and are warm. Brilliant.

Hi-viz patches and reflective tape
Lovely dayglo hi-viz patches and reflective tape – not pretty but a potential life saver in the dark…

Image of runner ©ronhill.com

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