My first sports injury…

I've endured all sorts of injuries getting to the ripe old age of nearly 46, from broken wrists as a child (3 times) to strained shoulders due to bad technique while surf casting but I've never experienced the frustration of having an injury that truly stops me doing something I like doing.

At the end of last year, the 27th December to be precise, I stupidly continued running up hill during a gentle Sweatshop Running Community session in Chorley. We were doing 20 minutes out and 20 minutes back to keep things simple after the Christmas over indulgence and 15 minutes out, going up hill, I felt a pain in the general area of my right knee.

I should have stopped, I know I should have, in my head I told myself to stop but no… I was being A MAN, stopping is for wusses and girls. How I regretted that decision.

It has taken me till yesterday, nearly 3 weeks, to be able to run over 5k pain free (ish), my time at last weekends parkrun was truly atrocious and slower than my first ever but I have learned a few things.

When whatever you are doing causes you 'proper' pain, stop doing it.

Experts are just that, listen to what they say as the chances are they do actually know what they are talking about.

Stretching is very very important, both before and after any exercise.

Rollering (not a real word I know) your muscles hurts like hell when you hit a tender spot but works amazingly, thanks Shelly at Sweatshop Chorley for that piece of advice.

But mainly I have learnt that running seems to be slightly addictive and I missed it.

Damn it, I like exercise.

Is that cake?

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