Hello, is there anybody there? Sorry… we’re out running

Blog entries have been conspicuous by their absence these past few months due to a combination of not really getting any fishing done since our visit to Anglesey last year and the weather being too grim to even contemplate going out for a stroll never mind a ‘proper’ walk.

We have been getting out and about though but in a completely different way… We’ve taken up running and much to my surprise let alone anyone else’s were enjoying it immensely. It is one of those things that we can do round the block at home or with a running group and so far the only weather that has managed to stop us is ice, we’ve even been running in the snow.

preston parkrun

As well as just running together we also run with a couple of different groups; Preston parkrun which is part of the parkrun family of timed 5k runs held up and down the country every Saturday morning and SRC (Sweatshop Running Community) Chorley on Wednesday evenings which is organised by sweatshop and is another brilliant way to get out there and, heaven forbid, socialise a bit. We’ve just joined the beginners trail running group on Sunday mornings, again organised by SRC which we’re finding a lot of fun and a great excuse to get muddy.

src chorley trail run

No longer am I the ‘who cares what I look like, I’ll be reet’ sort of person. I’m enjoying exercising and I’m feeling the benefits not just physically but I feel mentally more ‘with it’ and I’m enjoying company. Yes folks, the couple who would rather fish a deserted beach with only themselves for company or climb a hill to escape the human race are not only socialising but actually enjoying the company of other human beings.

Where will it end?

trail running chorley


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