Trying out Trail Running

Well the weather in the UK has certainly been throwing us a few interesting days, days on which any self respecting person would wake up, take one look outside and go back to bed. That is unless, like us, they’ve discovered trail running.

We’ve been running with SRC Chorley (Sweatshop Running Community) for a while now and follow them on the usual social media networks; Twitter, Facebook, you know the ones. A few weeks ago Mandy put up a post about a beginners trail run of about 3-4 miles so we thought what the hell, sounds fun…

SRC chorley trail run in the snow

And fun it was, it snowed a few nights before but 17 hardy souls set out up and down a few hills in the snow around Chorley and it was great. Not only did it seem to exercise the whole body but with frequent stops for stiles and gates plus Mandy giving directions the social aspect came into play a lot more than in road running.

After running (not very quickly I’ll admit) and having a good natter for about an hour we arrived back at our starting point, Sweatshop at the David Lloyd Gym in Chorley for a quick coffee and biscuit before promising to meet up again soon. We felt great with hardly any aches or pains and agreed that this was something we wanted to do more of.

Indeed it was only 2 weeks later that we did it again, this time no snow but a lot of mud and that made it even more fun if that was possible. This time two groups set out, one of about 10 loonies with Martin to do about 11 miles (some other time maybe) and another 18 beginners with Mandy, doing about 4. A bit faster this time we arrived back at base just as the shop was opening where we chatted about future trail running events.

We had thought trail running would be too hard and that we would need to get up to speed (pardon the pun) with running on the road but it doesn’t seem to be the case apart from the obvious tiredness due to physical exertion. Impact is less so doesn’t seem to jar your joints and with your whole body working you seem to get a better overall workout.

SRC trail run around the chorley area

This looks like something we can do that will join up our love of walking in the hills and running and we enjoyed it so much we’ve signed up for a 5 mile run/walk at Caldervale in a couple of weeks called ‘Muddy Shoes’, we can’t wait.

Now if only I could find some ultra lightweight fishing gear…

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