May I Have This Anglesey Adventure?

sea fishing plugging cymyran

It’s always the same isn’t it, that stupid excited feeling you get as your first holiday of the year arrives. So it was a few weeks ago when we ventured once more to the beautiful Isle of Anglesey and 2.5 hours later we were unloading a small expeditions worth of gear into ‘Bethan’s Corner’, the cottage at Ty Cristion that was to be our base for the coming week.

We were so relaxed it took us a while to get going. The bait was keeping well in the fridge and the tides would be better in a few days so we just chilled out and did a bit of shopping the first day. We’ve now got ‘doing nowt’ down to a fine art.

Sunday we ventured to Newborough on the South West side of the island and had a lovely walk from one of the best equipped car parks I’ve ever been in along the beach to Llanddwyn Island.

llanddwyn island anglesey

newborough beach anglesey

The weather was great and the beach busier than I’ve seen it for a while with children making the most of the sun and kite surfers taking advantage of an onshore breeze.

While walking through the forest we noticed a few signs for the commonwealth 11k trail run which seems to be a very well marked route and worth trying during our summer visit.

sea fishing cemlyn anglesey

On Monday the crabs we bought for bait from Menai Angling at Menai Bridge on the way looked perfect and so did the weather so we ventured to one of our favourite spots, Cemlyn Bay, to fish the evening tide.

cemlyn sea fishing dogfishAlthough the fishing wasn’t so good we did manage to snare a couple of dogfish using Sandeel as bait. Strangely nothing took the crab, wether it was too calm or with the seasons being a bit late the Bass haven’t moved round to Cemlyn well never know. It was great to be sea fishing on Anglesey again though and watching the Sandwich Terns flying back to roost through a golden sunset more than made up for the less than average fishing results.

The following day the weather was even better, more like the hight of summer rather than the cold spring days we’d been having. Today was a bit of a gamble as we took the lure fishing gear to Cymyran Bay behind RAF Valley and fished the ‘river’ separating Anglesey proper from Holy Island. we tried all sorts but didn’t get anything although I’m fairly sure I got one ‘hit’ as the tide started to flood. Talking to another couple of anglers they’d found it tough as well although they’d managed to snare a couple of small Bass on rubber red gill type lures.

plugging cymyran anglesey valley

After getting our fair share of sun we left Cymyran fish less but a little wiser on what to use in the area.

Wednesday was the day the weather turned and as it was too windy to fish we went for a walk around the Cable Bay Area, just South of Rhosneigr, where we watched some very brave / daring / daft / stupid (delete as appropriate) men fight their way into the bay in search of their own perfect wave.

surfing cable bay anglesey

The weather for the rest of the week got progressively more windy, gusting up to 65mph on one day, with a bit of rain thrown in for good measure. Not walking or fishing weather but we did manage to get to The Oyster Catcher in Rhosneigr for an evening meal which was excellent.

After a week we weren’t really ready to come home and felt like we could just stay, we certainly had enough gear, but as we made our way back to a surprisingly sunny Lancashire we couldn’t help smiling as we’ll be back on Anglesey in two months.

cemlyn bay anglesey sunset

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