Hi Ho Silva? Ranger S Compass Review

Silva Ranger S Compass

As I do a bit of walking, hills that is as well as just using my legs to get to the car and back, when the opportunity came to get my hands on a decent compass for review I took it with open arms. I’ve always wanted a mirror compass for sighting, ever since I was in Scouts a long, long time ago so when the Silva Ranger S arrived from Go Outdoors not only was it ‘Oooo, look, new toy’ but it also brought back a lot of happy memories of carefree days spent in the hills of the Lake District, a bunch of lads without a care in the word except how to get to the next way point and working out who’s turn it was to make the bacon buttes when we got there.

My one gripe was encountered almost straight away, the packaging just feels a bit cheap. If I’m buying something that’s has an RRP of nearly £35 I’d expect something a little more substantial rather than just a blister type pack. A small thing I know but in a world where first impression count, if was was in a shop I’d glance over this as a product as the packaging looks so cheap.

The compass though, that is a different matter entirely. With the mirror folded down it sits nicely in a pocket and the back of the mirror acts as a case giving good protection for the mirror and the compass. Opening up the device we are faced with a fairly standard Silva baseplate mounted compass with both 25,000 and 50,000 scales as well as a magnifier. I particularly like the rubber surround on the compass housing which helps grip when the weather is being a little ‘playful’.

The mirror is very simple to use when using the compass for sighting and the simple but ingenious addition of a small hole where the mirror hinges with the base plate makes taking a bearing a very simple exercise. With detachable lanyard in case of snagging and luminous markings this compass is ideal for the more adventurous walker who needs a little bit more than a standard baseplate type compass and as a first mirror – sighting compass the Silva Ranger S ticks all the boxes.

Available from all good outdoor shops the review Silva Ranger S came from Go Outdoors where it is currently priced at £29.99.

Go Outdoors have branches throughout the country and a very good mail order department, they sell a wide variety of equipment for many outdoor pursuits such as fishing, running and walking, in fact most of what I do and since one of their branches is almost on my doorstep they are one of my ‘go too’ shops for outdoor equipment.

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