Springing into Action or Holy Shit, What Have I Done?

It’s been a while since I rambled on about anything on here as I’m fairly sure everyone else in the country is as bored of the crappy weather as I am and let’s face it, the BBC and TV in general can do much better coverage than I can but…

I’m British damn it and I will not let a little bit of weather stop me. I will go running, fishing, have a BBQ or whatever even if I get hypothermia while doing it, Mother Nature be damned!

So, quick rant over and time for a running update.

We entered the Muddy Bottoms Trail race but didn’t do to well due to a sprained ankle although the race itself was great and the course fantastic if a little chilly. Shorts may have been a bit over optimistic when we ran round a corner into some snow.

I’ve been getting progressively faster in our weekly 5k parkrun at Preston which is great and I’ve been getting in a few longer runs round the local area, up to 21k which, near as damn it, is a half marathon. So in a moment of madness and egged on a bit by some friends from Sweatshop SRC Chorley I have entered another race, The Freckleton Half Marathon. I’m actually looking forward to it but I’m a little anxious as well, it’s in just over a month so I’ve a while yet to put some more miles under my feet. My target time is anything around the two hour mark, under that and I’ll be more than happy.

Another thing I’ve been looking into is longer distance trail runs, there are a few in the Lakes but one that caught our eye recently was the Commonwealth Trail at Newborough on Anglesey and since it is a marked route and we’ll be going back to Anglesey in a couple of months I think it would be rude not to try it at least once if for nothing but the amazing scenery round the forest and Llanddwyn Island.

The only drawback I’ve found with running is that sometimes I have to choose between running or fishing, not a major headache though, doing either in our magnificent countryside is a gift I hope never to take for granted.


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