A Broad Beach to Search for Dogfish

anglesey sea fishing broad beachAfter a few days relaxing we elected to visit a beach on the western side of Anglesey, Porth Nobla or ‘Broad Beach’ as I think it’s called. This beach has thrown up a few good fish for us in the past and even though there was no wind to speak off we were hoping for a good evenings sport with a few dogfish and, after chatting to an angler on our walk along the Cymyran Beach a few days earlier, a Turbot or two.

The beach was almost deserted as we arrived with just a few walkers taking in the last of the days warmth and a couple of people snorkeling to our far left.

I set up a both of my ‘main’ beach rods, one with a pulley rig and the other an ‘up and over’ pulley rig, both armed with size 2/0 hooks. Wendy also used a pulley rig and we launched our peeler crab, squid or sandeel baits into an almost mirror flat sea.

Mirror flat is not what you normally want when fishing a beach and at this time of year when you’d be looking for Bass you’d really need a bit of a surf to churn things up a bit but it was our first sea fishing trip of the holiday and we were determined to at least give it our best shot.

sunset over anglesey broad beach

The sun set and still our hopes were high then just before high water the tell tail bite of a Dogfish registered on one of my rods. Not wanting to loose the first fish of the trip I waited until I was sure then landed a small Dogfish of about a pound in weight on the peeler crab bait.

We were hopeful that this was to be the start of a mad rush of activity but it was not to be, distance, bait or rig didn’t seem to make any difference until about an hour later Wendy landed another Dogfish, this one nearer the two pound mark, again on peeler crab

dogfish from broad beach anglesey

We fished on for another half hour or so but nothing more was happening. Not spectacular fishing but we both caught on our first trip and the dreaded ‘blank’ had been avoided.¬†Broad Beach has always been one of my favourite places and I’m sure that it will throw up some decent fish in future visits as it has in the past, just not today.

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