The Lure of the Sea

sea fishing salt water fly fishing cymyran

The weather continued to bake us during the day so our next sea fishing trip was an early evening at Cymyran to try and avoid a bit of the heat, lure fishing the ‘river’ between Holy Island and Anglesey proper.

ready for some salt water fly fishing at cymyran

I was using my 8 weight fly rod armed with a ‘Clouser’ type fly that I’d caught on last year (in different colours) or small plastic ‘red gills’. Wendy was using ‘proper’ lures of either the hard plastic surface type or soft plastic ‘shad’ type on a Sakura Shinjin rod designed specifically for lure fishing.

The conditions looked perfect but although we saw a few fish splashing about and even a couple jump clean out of the water which indicated they were indeed Bass, the target species, we failed to get any sort of response or ‘take’ no matter how hard we tried.

It was still a fantastic evening and definitely something we will continue to do but I need to practice casting the heavier salt water flies before I venture back out with my salt water fly rod.

Our fly casting tutor would have been horrified by the mess I was making…


  1. Peter Jay said:

    Stu, do you provide a guide service in Anglesey for saltwater fly fishing, if so could you send me your costs etc, thanks, Peter

    August 12, 2013
    • Stu said:

      Hi Peter,

      Sorry, only just started salt water fly fishing myself and although we know anglesey very well I wouldn’t be comfortable guiding anyone. It’s probably worth getting hold of Rory at the Llandrillo shop of Menai angling, as he’s a lure fishing but and would prob know the best spots to try for a bit of fly fishing.

      Hope this helps


      August 12, 2013

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