Sometimes a Normal Watch Just Isn’t Good Enough

As a sea angler it is essential that you can quickly find the time due to the nature of the tides we fish. Therefore an accurate watch that your can see in the dark is invaluable. Internet Fusion have a few online presences which cater for this market very well and looking though their catalogue the quality and range seems to ‘gel’ with what we as anglers would require. The following article has been written by Internet Fusion and is a sponsored post, I hope you find it useful.

Top 3 Military Watch Brands


There is an abundance of watches and while some have premium precision parts others can be more fashionable but when it comes to a timepiece that will last you a long time with the most handy and versatile features and extremely durable components you can’t beat a military watch. There are a number of military watch brands around to choose from but the three that are widely thought of as the premier companies are Traser, Luminox and MTM.

Traser has the longest established history of the three brands and was the first to supply the US Military with a resilient watch for personnel that used a non-toxic illumination source on the hands and dial; the Gaseous Tritium Lighting System. This system that provides continuous illumination for up to ten years is now a staple for not only nearly all types of military watches but some fashion watches as well. Each Traser H3 Watch is made to be tough with a screw down crown, a hardened sapphire window and either a steel or titanium case so they are impact and water resistant to help stand up to whatever you have to. You can check out the H3watchshop who have a full range of Traser watches.


In the 1980’s the Luminox brand took their first foray into the military market when they were asked to make a wristwatch capable of withstanding the tough conditions that Navy SEALS face on a daily basis; today they produce a collection of Luminox Watches specifically suited to all kinds of armed forces like the Air Force and Army. Like the Traser Watches the Luminox range uses the GTLS system for up to 25 years of illumination in no light conditions but their cases are commonly made from reinforced carbon polyester ensuring lightweight durability and less chance of corrosion if you need to submerge it in water frequently. Due to the manufacturing of the Luminox Military Watches and the toughened mineral glass some of the collections are water resistant to an incredible 200 metres.


The military watches by MTM much like the previous two brands are built to be rugged being made from steel or titanium cases but have far more technical features added to them to cover almost every conceivable tactical scenario anyone could be in and there are specific models for different types of armed forces as well. Certain MTM special ops watches have LED lighting with multiple settings like a strobe emergency light and a UV setting whereas others are designed entirely for specific situations like the MTM RAD Watch that has a Geiger-Muller tube able to detect radioactive signatures, or the MTM Air Stryk Watch built with Aviators in mind.

Any of these three top Military Watch brands will more than suffice if you want a reliable watch with precision movements and features that can help keep you time no matter how tough things get.

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