Sunset over Sandy Beach Sea Fishing

sandy beach sunset

Another of our favourite beaches on Anglesey is Sandy Beach, and yes it really is called that. Local information says that you fish it a couple of hours either side of low water for either; Bass if there’s a surf or Smooth Hound if it’s flat.

dogfish from sandy beach anglesey

As Anglesey was treating us to some truly fantastic weather we visited Sandy Beach one evening over low water. The sea was mirror calm as we loaded our pulley rigs with fresh Peeler crab, waded out to gain a few yards distance and launched the baits seaward.

Nothing of interest happened for some time and it was starting to look like the first blank of the trip until the tell-tale tap showed on one of my rods. Once more the dogfish had come out to play and that’s all we managed to land for the evening.

Sandy beach is an odd one, we keep hearing good things about it, I’ve even seen pictures of good fish taken from it but we’ve never had anything but dogfish.┬áStill, it’s a great beach to visit on a hot summers day and a couple of days later we did just that. A picnic lunch, lots of sun screen, a good book and the odd dip when things got to hot.

So still nothing exciting from here but as ever, a lovely place to be whether it’s fishing or just doing ‘the beach thing’.


  1. Bill Lomax said:

    Stoppittt!! Every time I read your blog I have to go through everything..Takes me ages but it’s well worth a read anytime..

    August 9, 2013

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