Just Like my Childhood Summers

icecream on abersoch quarry beachIt’s not often that we get a ‘summer like it used to be’ but this year seems to have renewed my faith in the good old British Summer. We’ve just been to Anglesey for a couple of weeks and it’s been a scorcher. Temperatures over 30°C and glorious blue skies.

It’s been a bit thundery since we got back with the odd torrential downpour, but skin is waterproof so it didn’t stop us running although it won’t surprise me if I hear people complaining after the summer break that we never get any good weather in the UK, some people are never satisfied.

While away we spent a few days on the beaches on Anglesey and the Llyn Peninsula, doing nothing more strenuous than trying to avoid the baking hot sand between our towels and the sea or perhaps forcing ourselves to get an ice cream. Lazing on the beach is tough…

“Why do we never have summers like we used to?
We do!”

looking towards abersoch beach from the old quarry

quarry beach old jetty abersoch

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