Late August Fly Fishing at Mere Beck

It’s been a while since we did any ‘proper’ fly fishing as we’ve either been away, sea fishing or either running or training for some sort of running related silliness so I was looking forward to a visit to our local fly fishery, Mere Beck.

The lakes looked great and Gordon, the owner of the fishery had obviously been busy during the summer months with the lakes, streams, reed beds and trees all beautifully maintained. The weather was bright with not much wind, not exactly idea fly fishing conditions at the best of times and Mere Beck has a reputation, deservedly or not, of being a ‘hard fish’.

rainbow trout caught on an orange blob at mere beck fly fishingThe plan, as normal, was to start at the far end and work our way back towards the main lakes. The end lake is full of small goldfish so I started out fishing an orange and yellow ‘blob’ lure, using a slow retrieve to try and mimic a lazy golden, mouth sized, temptation. As ‘backup’ I also had a buzzer fished on a dropper in case the fish were hunting for something else.

After 30 minutes or so I was contemplating giving something else a try when I got a ‘take’. Carefully bringing the greedy Rainbow Trout to the bank the blob, which the fish had taken very deeply was carefully removed and the fish photographed and then released.

We fished on for a while then made our way back to the tea hut in the middle of the fishery to sit, enjoy the stillness and have our sandwiches and a brew, which as I caught the first fish, was made by Wendy.

the tea and coffee hut at mere beck fly fishery

Looking at the lake next to the hut we could see some small black backed fish so we had a go in there with some black lures but nothing was happening.

Towards the end of the evening, with light failing, there was a little bit of a rise as various aquatic creatures hatched into their airborne stages so we did a little bit of dry fly fishing, where the idea is to imitate a fly just on the surface of the water, but the light soon dipped to a level where we couldn’t see the flies we were fishing so we called it a day.

So only one fish but still a result on a bright day and no matter the tally, Mere Beck is still one of the most beautiful and well maintained fisheries we visit, it’s even better that it’s only 10 minutes from our front door.

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  1. Looks like a lovely day out. Shame the fish weren’t biting a bit more!

    September 19, 2013

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