Weekend Running and Walking, Ingleborough, Yorkshire

Fishing has been on hold for a while, not through any specific reason, more like a combination of small things. The weather hasn’t really been up to much here in Lancashire plus we’d been putting in a bit of training running wise as a few weeks ago we went up to Clapham in Yorkshire for a couple of days running and walking.

Ingleborough trail runningA group of us from SRC Chorley stayed in the The Old Manor House, bunkhouse boys in one set of bunks, girls in the other. It reminded me a lot of scout trips from my youth but a little less giddy and a lot cleaner. The running was excellent, we did a bit on Friday night and a lot on the Saturday where we ran up Ingleborough! yes, the Mountain, in some fairly nasty weather which only made the run better, but that’s for a different blog.

On the Sunday we walked the trail up to Ingleborough Falls which was magnificent. At 11am we stood in silence, the falls below us vanishing through the gorge, blue skies above, thinking of those lost or dear to us, a dozen runners silently remembering.



Heading back, we could see Ingleborough bathed in the Autumn light unlike the day before when you could barely see your hand in front of your face on the top.

We had lunch at the café at the start Ingleborough Falls Trail which was excellent and great value then made our way home, exhausted and a little sore after our very physical weekend.

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