Berghaus Monsoon Jacket

Berghaus Monsoon JacketA few weeks ago I was contacted by a representative of Berghaus asking if I’d like to review one of their jackets, the Monsoon. As I was on the look out for a new one due to my current jacket bing too big now I’ve been running for over a year, a few emails later a lovely olive green Berghaus Monsoon Jacket arrived in the post and first impressions were good.

The quality felt excellent and compared with my (now) old one it is very light. It’s more minimal than I’m used to with only 1 medium pocket either side and no internal pockets but this isn’t always a bad thing as more pockets, for me, means I carry more rubbish. The hood is ‘stashed’ in the collar which is nice and high to keep out the wind and there is an elastic pull cord around the bottom to make things snug as well as ’hook and eye’ cuffs. The whole package is put together very well and seems ideal for spring or autumn but probably not so much in full winter where it’s not really designed to have many layers underneath.

I’ve worn it a lot since it arrived and being in the North West of the UK I can attest to its waterproof qualities, due to the AQ2 fabric, rain just runs off it and I’ve not noticed any leakage round the seems or the zip.

My only niggle is I’d have liked it to be a little longer, I’m just under six foot tall and it seems a little high on my ’backside’ but that may just be me being used to a different fit.

Price wise, looking at the market the jacket is aimed at it looks to be very good value, and if you look around it can be very, very good value. It seems to be available from most of the outdoor retailers such as Blacks, Millets  or the Berghaus waterproof jackets page and can be found in a few different colours.

Would I buy one? Tricky… it’s not the type of jacket I’d normally purchase but after wearing it for a while I’d certainly consider it when looking for a new one.

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