Foel Farm Lure Fishing and a Newborough Beach Walk

Getting well into the swing of relaxing (it doesn’t take much on Anglesey) after a late start we had a gentle cycle up to a local café to check out the cakes, we were on holiday after all, which turned into a circular ride of about 18km (11miles).

The afternoon was spent reading and drinking tea as the forecast was rain but as it never showed up, after dinner we went for a walk on the northern side of Aberffraw for a look at the headland and options for fishing in the future.

aberffraw and afon ffraw headland

The stroll was great and we spotted a few likely fishing spots in the evening sun as well a lot of Honey Suckle on the cliffs, Stone Chats in the scrub and Grey Seals lazing about in the calm sea.

The following day the weather was once again fantastic so after lunch we meandered down to the Straits and walked the 5 minutes or so up past the Mermaid (i think it used to be an Inn) for a spot of Lure fishing over low water. After an hour or so I caught our first lure caught fish on a Tackle House Feed lure (yellow with black back), a Launce (Greater Sand Eel) of about 12″. About 30 minutes later Wendy had one on a pale IMA Komono SF-125 closely followed by another couple by me on a Mackerel pattern Komono SF-125.

lure fishing foel farm menai straights

We were hopeful that some Bass would turn up but the only things hitting the lures were Launce. After a few hours and getting wet feet as I wasn’t wearing my waders because it was just far too hot we made our way back to the cottage, happy to have caught a few fish on our first sea fishing trip of the holiday.

newborough hairy rove beetleAfter  spending the rest of the afternoon lazing in the sun we ended another perfect day with an evening stroll along Newborough Beach.

The tide was at it’s peak so we ended up walking on the softer sand where we spotted a new beetle for us, a Hairy Rove Beetle (Creophilus maxillosus), which I disturbed climbing the dunes to see how far it was to Aber Menai Point and if we could make it there and back before sunset. (quiet far and we couldn’t)

Newborough is one of those beaches that just seems to go on forever, and in the evening heading towards the point the views across the Menai Straights towards the mountains of Snowdonia were magnificent.

newborough snowdonia mountains

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