A Run Along the Straights, Another Newborough Paddle and a bit of Sea Fishing

running along the menai straights past the sea zoo

After an early start for a pre-breakfast run along along the Menai Straights, past Anglesey Sea Zoo and up to the main road and back for a route of approx. 6k of hard fast hilly running we spent a lazy morning before heading over to The Boathouse Café at Red Wharf Bay where we continued to do nothing more exerting than reading until our sticky beef salad lunch, which was excellent.

After lunch we headed over to Llanddona beach for a walk to cool our post-run achy feet and an ice cream only to find the beach shop was closed, whether permanently or just because we were early in the season was hard to tell.

newborough beach isopodThe tide was very low and continuing to drop and as we walked along the edge of the sea tiny puffs of sand were visible as the shrimps and small flat fish tried to escaped our feet. There were also a few small Isopods (about and inch long) swimming or crawling amongst the weed in the shallow water, we’ve no idea what they are so if anyone knows can they let us know. Update from the Wild About Britain website, the identity of the isopod is Idotea linearis.

We continued to look for iced cream on the way back to the cottage but eventually gave up so went back to the cottage for another lazy after noon before heading out after dinner to fish high water to the left of Anglesey Riding Centre.

We were fishing close in, I was using fairly standard techniques with crab, rag worm or squid as bait where as Wendy was using a float to suspend the baits a bit higher in the water. Just before high tide Wendy had a large Launce on float fished rag but lost it at the edge! I had nothing on the conventional bottom fished baits so it looks like the straights are definitely a low water mark, a lesson learned for future visits.

We spent the next few days reading, relaxing, eating cakes and generally doing that thing you can only do on a proper holiday… turning off.

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