Fish from the Rocks at Aberffraw Headland

towards porth cwyfan

After a lazy morning we headed over to the headland between Aberffraw bay and Porth Cwyfan where we’d walked a few days earlier to try a spot of sea fishing either side of low water. When we got to the spot we thought would be great to float fish and bottom fish we found it impossible to get on to the ledge we’d spied so had a quick rethink and explore and ended up fishing from a different set of rocks, not ideal as I wanted to fish straight into Aberffraw bay but the weather was great, seas calm and it’s always worth a go.

sea fishing aberffraw headland

I was fishing at distance with pulley rigs to keep tackle losses to a minimum using either crab, squid or sand eel as baits, action was poor with only a few good knocks easily detectable as I was using braid but I was unable to connect or land with the fish as the tackle got pulled into the rocky weedy bottom. No gear was lost but by the end of the session the rigs used were scuffed and blunted beyond repair.

corkwing wrasse from aberffraw headlandWendy float fished into the little gulley under our feet using a pink (I know, girls eh?) sliding float rig. Starting with Ragworm on size 1 bigmouth hook she missed a few bites so changed down to a size 2 Varivas semi-circle hook and hooked a small wrasse. After being dragged into the weed and loosing the float which has now¬† embarked on it’s own Irish Sea adventure she changed to a rock rig (made of just line and a single hook) and hooked a couple more small wrasse for 3 in total, 1 small Ballen and 2 Corkwing.

We spend a lovely sunny evening on the rocks but I think we need a medium sized tide to fish here properly so there’s a bit more depth to the water. It also warrants a bit more of an explore to find out how to get onto a ledge facing Aberffraw bay, preferably not carrying lots of gear.

Out fished by Wendy again we both made our way back to the cottage for a celebratory beer and a few snacks.

porth cwyfan evening tide fishing


  1. Jane Beardmore said:

    I loved reading your blog about sea fishing and about wendy. Being a lady fisher myself, Jane and looking forward to fishing in Anglesey next March 2015 I am looking forward to fishing from the beach/shore. This will be my first sea fishing experience with my partner and we are so looking forward to it. I am reading about the different tackle needed and feeling a little bewildered with what to start with at the mo. Any advice for a novice would be greatly appreciated. Maybe a nice easy spot on Anglesey? Many thanks. Jane and Chris. from Worcester.

    August 16, 2014
    • Stu said:

      Hi Jane,

      Thanks for reading, does Chris have any experience sea fishing or are you both new to the beach/shore?


      August 17, 2014

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