A Goldrush at Coed y Brenin

After an early(ish) start for porridge and coffee we loaded the bikes into the car along with bags of gear and made our way to Coed-y-Brenin for another run round the magnificent Snowdonia national park. Driving through a few showers on the way we were pleased that Snowdonia was being kind to us as the weather cheered up a little as we parked the car at about 10am. Filling our water bottles in the visitor centre, we started our morning run along the Goldrush trail.

river mawddach bridge at coed y brenin

The trail was a lot greener than last time we ran it (about 6 weeks ago) but it was still beautiful to run through the trees and down the switch backs with the ups still just a brutal as when we did them previously on holiday or during Trail Marathon Wales just over 3 weeks ago.

running down goldrush trailEnding the run at the visitor centre we changed into our MTB gear then had an excellent lunch of beef or venison burgers, some potato wedges and a mug of tea. After a suitable amount of time for things to settle we ventured down to the river Mawdach for a gentle ride.

The weather closed in a little during the ride and after a while, feeling the tiredness in our legs after the run, we returned to the visitor centre. The ride had stretched legs as intended so doing anything more would have been over doing it and I think we were a little bit too optimistic in what we could manage after a fairly tough 8.5 mile trail run.

chaffinch at coed y brenin visitor centreChanging out of our wet stuff we had another brew in the visitor centre, this time sat outside, along with a great big slab of chocolate marble cake, shared with some cheeky Chaffinches then made our way back to Anglesey for dinner.

The weather worsened on our way back to the island but after dinner there was a slight break in the rain so even though it was still fairly windy we went for a ‘you must be nuts’ wade into the straights to ease achy legs in the cool, refreshing, sea water (it was bloody cold).

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