Seasonal Changes, Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

This month Autumn arrived with the first proper rain storm of the season, just in time for Wendy to run the Rivington Half marathon a couple of weeks ago and almost three months since our summer break on Anglesey.

darwen tower standing in the heather

After our break a lot of the weekends have been taken up running, walking or cycling round the Lancashire countryside. The hills around Chorley have been particularly colourful with one of my runs accidentally timed to perfection as I ventured over Great Hill and ended up surround by miles and miles of purple heather. With the sun shining and views as far as the Lake District and North Wales it was spectacular.

lancashire hills looking north to the lake district

low reservoir on the rivington half marathon route

As well as training and long (15-20 miles) for me we both ran the Rivington half marathon route a couple of times to give Wendy a feel for the route, again we were lucky with the weather although the ground being so dry it was a little hard on the knees, in some places the muddy trails had set and it was like running on rutted concrete.

The other major event of the season is that my parents purchased a chocolate Labrador. They picked her up at 9 weeks old and Martha is beautiful, I don’t think there’s anything quiet as cute as a puppy and Labradors are definitely one of the cutest there is. Needless to say we ‘forced’ ourselves to go and visit and we’ll be going again soon with the excuse of a Halloween / bonfire night visit.

red velvet cake from the chocolate rooms, tarletonOh yes, we also ate a lot of cake. After all, all this running about needs fuel doesn’t it.

The next ‘big’ thing for me is the Rivington trail marathon in a couple of weeks and then, all major running over for the year, I’m going to try and get some fishing done, there are rumours of Cod being caught off the Fylde Coast and I’m starting to get a bit twitchy.

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