To Llandwdwyn Island and Newborough Forest

I’d been looking forward to this run for a while as even though it’s ‘only’ a training run its one we did last year so the route was known and it runs through and around Newborough Forest as well as onto Llanddwyn Island, two of my favourite places on Anglesey.

Unlike last year we elected to avoid the field where we encountered cows with calves so after after a little warmup to get onto the marked coastal path we headed southeast along the Menai Straights with me keeping an eye on pacing for Wendy as today was going to be her longest run to date so it was important that we maintain a slow steady pace until we split up later.

anglesey hedgerow

anglesey leafy lane

The path veers inland and after going past Anglesey Riding Centre heads slightly uphill and northwest through fresh green fields, along paths between hedges covered in blossom, down leafy lanes – not a car in sight and along the Afon Braint which it eventually crosses at some huge stepping stones.

stepping stones afon braint

After joining the main road near Newborough the trail continues west, going along the edge of Newborough Warren then following the eastern edge of Newborough Forest arriving at the main beach car park, a good place to refill water bottles.

new borough forest edge

Our run then followed the marked run through the forest until we reached Llanddwyn Island where I was supposed to go along the beach and run round the island. Unfortunately the tide was so high that the island was cut off so that option was out. Wendy headed back, her run of 12 km so far was long enough once doubled on the return to make the required 24.

llanddwyn island cut off

I continued along the coastal path, skirting the western edge of the forest until reaching the main road then doubled back through the forest to the main car park. I retraced our trail back along the forest and warren to the Afon Braint stepping stones only to find them covered by the ebbing tide. I found out later that Wendy headed back as when she arrived they were completely submerged but I did the only sensible (read as daft) thing any like minded trail runner would do and went across them, stepping firmly on each one, going mid calf deep in places. I did remember that they weren’t slippy, if there had been any weed or mud on them I’d have either turned back or waited for the tide to ebb further.

afon braint stepping stones under water

After that little bit of excitement it was about 3 miles to retrace the run which was just long enough to warm my legs as the sea had been a touch chilly to arrive back at the cottage around lunch time feeling a little tired but with no particular aches or pains.

A great 32 km (20 miles) run, one of my favourites and one I will no doubt do many times in the future but maybe taking a little bit more notice of the tides.


Trail Marathon Wales 2015 – Training Plan Amended 13th May

W/end Miles (km) Activity Route
Mar 8 12 (19.2) Local loop to Hesketh Outmarsh x 2
Mar 15 6 progression 3m local loop x 2 plus .5m cool down
Mar 21 14 (22.4) 14 done, the Rivvy half marathon route plus extra up to the pigeon tower White Coppice to Rivington
Mar 28 Rest or bike Rest, naff weather
Apr 4 16 (25.6) 16 done, Rivington Pike, Winter Hill and Great Hill 3 Hills
Apr 11 8 (12.8) progression 10 done, 1m warm up, 2 x 4m loop round Anglezarke, 1m cooldown Round Anglezarke Resi
Apr 18 18 (28.8)  18¾ done, Out and Back along the Canal, Sollom to Parbold Canal Out and Back
Apr 25 Rest or bike  Short ride round Knutsford and Tatton Park
May 2 20 (32)  20 done. To Llanddwyn Island and Newborough Forest  To Newborough
May 9 10 (16) progression
May 16 22 (35.2)
May 23 Rest or bike
May 30 24 (38.4)
Jun 6 12 (19.2)
Jun 13 8 (12.8)
Jun 20 Race

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