Bass Blank on the Menai Straights

It seemed like an age since we last went fishing and looking back through the records we’ve not wet a line since Summer last year. That’ll teach us to take up new hobbies.

I’d been looking forward to our first Anglesey break for a while as it always seems that the period between Christmas and the first May bank holiday is far, far too long. As is normal in the UK the weather forecast was a bit touch and go but we still packed nearly everything fishing related we owned into the car on the Saturday morning, just in case.

We arrived at the cottage at Cerrig-y-Barcud which is a very short stones throw from the Menai Straights around lunch time and then waited for a weather window for our first session of 2015 while going for walks or runs. We didn’t actually wait, what we really did was do other stuff until it looked like the weather and tides coincided to give us an opportunity to get some fishing done.

Monday evening came round and the weather was perfect, we’d both been for a long run that morning so the idea of a bit of mostly stationary fishing definitely appealed. With only a slight breeze but no rain we made our way slightly Southwest to park up near Anglesey Riding Centre. We then headed further down the straight where we passed a few other people fishing the tide up and set up for a couple of hours bassing.

The tide was fairly swift from right to left but the lighter bass rods handled the current well and although it was a little weedy on retrieval we didn’t loose any rigs. The end tackle was either simple two hook flapper rigs or running ledgers, all armed with substantial size 2/0 hooks, big enough to take a full peeler crab which was the bait of the evening.

Sea fishing for bass on the Menai straights

The crab was in excellent condition from Menai Angling but despite our best efforts we didn’t manage to intercept any Bass, in fact we didn’t have any interest in the baits at all, they were coming back untouched. Whether we were in the wrong area, at the wrong state of tide or just unlucky I’m not sure but my gut feeling is we need to investigate this area better to find somewhere that funnels the fish as they swim up the straights with the incoming tide. Where we were although full of gullies and rocks which should have been full of fish attracting morsels, was a small bit of sea in a big area, we need to find some sort of feature where the fish congregate.

After a couple of hours we headed back to the cottage, fish-less but content to be out on such a beautiful evening with fantastic views of Caernarfon and the Snowdonia mountains in the distance. Passing the other anglers on the way back to the car they’d not had any luck either so maybe it was just one of those evenings.

After all, it’s called fishing… not catching.

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