One Week until Trail Marathon Wales, Training Done

The weekend before The Anna Frost Big Trail Weekend was my last ‘proper’ long run before the gradual tapering down of distance and training intensity before the Trail Marathon Wales.

The route followed nearly all the Rivington Marathon with the odd bit cut out making the distance 35.5 km (22½ miles) of fantastic undulating (hilly) countryside. The run went very well with no instances of cramp, no issue with the Torq gels or bars that I’m going to use in the race and a fairly even pace.

Great trail running along Witton Weavers Way
Great trail running along Witton Weavers Way

As well as running I’ve been trying to get out on my bike either as an alternative to the weekend long runs or during the week just to give some different muscles a bit of a work out which has helped my overall fitness and been great getting out and about during the week, especially now the wind has died down a bit and I’ve got some faster tyres on my mountain bike.

Country lane cycling, sometimes it easier to lift it over the gate...
Country lane cycling, sometimes it easier to lift it over the gate…

Last weekend was the first of the ‘tapers’, shorter runs leading up to a race to help muscle repair and energy store top up, which in my case was 25km (15½ miles) starting at White Coppice then following the Rivington Half Marathon route as a loop. Once back at the start I went up the main part of great hill then turned left down the ‘drovers road’ towards Brinscall and headed back through the plantation to the start. Wendy’s run was similar but cut out a bit of the half marathon route making her run 19.2km (12 miles) as this was to be her last long run before her Trail Marathon Wales half marathon.

Fields of golden Buttercup
Fields of golden Buttercup
Looking down onto the Lancashire plains
Looking down onto the Lancashire plains

Arriving at the car within minutes of each other both ours runs went very well and we’re feeling very positive about our preparation for the upcoming races.


Trail Marathon Wales 2015 – Training Plan
Amended 12th June

W/end Miles (km) Activity Route
Mar 8 12 (19.2) Local loop to Hesketh Outmarsh x 2
Mar 15 6 progression 3m local loop x 2 plus .5m cool down
Mar 21 14 (22.4) 14 done, the Rivvy half marathon route plus extra up to the pigeon tower White Coppice to Rivington
Mar 28 Rest or bike Rest, naff weather
Apr 4 16 (25.6) 16 done, Rivington Pike, Winter Hill and Great Hill 3 Hills
Apr 11 8 (12.8) progression 10 done, 1m warm up, 2 x 4m loop round Anglezarke, 1m cooldown Round Anglezarke Resi
Apr 18 18 (28.8)  18¾ done, Out and Back along the Canal, Sollom to Parbold Canal Out and Back
Apr 25 Rest or bike  Short ride round Knutsford and Tatton Park
May 2 20 (32)  20 done. To Llanddwyn Island and Newborough Forest  To Newborough
May 9 10 (16) progression  5m local loop x 2
May 16 22 (35.2) 21¼ done.  Most of Rivington Trail Marathon  Winter Hill
May 23 Rest or bike  12m local Ride
May 30 24 (38.4)  22½ done. Even more of the Rivington Marathon Route  Most Rivi Marathon
Jun 6 12 (19.2)  15 done. Rivington Half plus a hill  Half plus hill
Jun 13 8 (12.8)
Jun 20 Race

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